Get your outdoor space summer-ready with these 3 tips | General

Summer is well and truly here and with it South African’s love for outdoor dining and entertaining gears up even more. We take a look at how you can get your outdoor space ready to ensure maximum enjoyment this summer.

Before you even start thinking about how you want to style your space you have to look at what you are working with. 

Do you have a covered or uncovered patio? Is it a large or small or oddly shaped space? How is the greenery - does it need a bit sprucing up?

Once you have a clear picture of what you are working with you can start playing around with styles and outdoor accessories to make the space really stand out. 

Choose the right materials

When you start choosing furnishings it is important to consider the materials and how they respond to the environment. Some materials change when they are exposed to the elements and might start to look weathered - is this a quality you like? 

On the other hand, some materials are absolutely not meant to be in uncovered spaces and if you are working with a space without covering - and you are not considering covering it - it is best to avoid these materials. 

For a covered patio area, natural rattan or cane outdoor furniture is always a smart choice. 

While both treated and untreated teak and UV-resistant PVC furniture are excellent choices for an uncovered patio. Their natural and synthetic materials pair exceptionally well to offer you a contemporary outdoor look. Outdoor PVC dining chairs are durable and contemporary, the perfect update to any patio or backyard dining arrangement.  The natural look of outdoor teak chairs and the feel of raw wood is what makes it unique. 

Colour and textures

Curate a beautiful scene by adding various colours and textures to your outdoor space. Add plump scatter cushions, rugs and textured hanging lamps. Do not leave these items outside when you are not using the area. This will extend their lifespan and keep colours vibrant. Consider a weatherproof storage unit off to the side to store the items in.

Add the green

Create a feast for the eyes by adding lush flora around your outdoor space - from the real to the faux. Plant water-wise greenery in pots around the space - hanging or on the ground. Play around with various shapes, colours, glazes and sizes of pots and filling them with a variety of greenery. Talk to your local nursery about which plants will work best for your space to ensure you have a low-maintenance area. 

Our top suggestion to add to your space is Spekboom - this incredible indigenous plant is a carbon gobbler and will aid the environment, it is low-maintenance and beautiful.